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Have you been turned down for a house or car loan due to a default in your past or your poor credit score?

The goal of Simple Debt Solutions is to improve your credit score and help you get approval for the loan you desperately need.

Your credit history holds your financial past – loans, credit cards, and more. A poor history can make it tough to get loans, rent a home, and can even impact your job. While not all credit data can change, mistakes can be fixed and if your credit report has inaccuracies, we’ll work to correct them and boost your credit score.

What we do takes hard work and planning. We’re here to listen and tailor our support to your needs and with experience in mental health, family violence and working with other vulnerable groups, we go the extra mile to help you get back on your feet.

Our Services Are Designed To Bring Relief.

If you’ve been turned down for a loan, the key to improving your credit starts with understanding your credit report. We’ll look into factors like your savings, financial stability, and serviceability and help you challenge unfair or disputable information, such as overdue accounts, defaults, court listings, judgments, and more.

Credit repair isn’t one-size-fits-all. We tailor solutions to your unique situation. Our skilled team assesses your finances, works with you to create a budget, and then offers the best options for your needs.

What We Investigate

Credit defaults stay on your credit history for five long years, but if you work with a credit repair company like Simple Debt Solution, we can wipe those default marks by digging into unfair practices, mediating, and negotiating. 

These entries stick around on your credit report for a duration of 4 years, but our intervention can lead to their removal from all credit bureaus. When a court claim is served, it’s automatically documented. We possess effective techniques to swiftly eliminate these entries.

Court Judgments remain on your credit record for 5 years, regardless of whether you’ve settled them or not, starting from the day the court made its decision. Fortunately, we can completely erase these from your credit history

Dealing with debts and collection agencies can be quite overwhelming and frustrating. But, if you let us take care of it for you, it can save you both time and money.

Our hassle-free and results-driven approach will help you become debt-free quickly, without complicated agreements that end up costing you more. We’ll also make sure to protect your credit reputation while handling your debt issues.

Managing a business and its finances can be challenging. Dealing with unfair or incorrect invoices and disputes can take away valuable time from your core business activities.

Having an expert who can handle disputes without the emotional stress is a smart move and offers a significant advantage.

Identity theft remains a big problem for people as criminals find new ways to commit fraud and cybercrimes. Dealing with this issue alone can be tough. We understand your situation and can help you resolve it without you having to stress.

We’ll work to clear your name and put this experience behind you. If you’ve been a victim of identity theft, get in touch with us today to talk about how we can assist you in fixing this as swiftly and easily as possible.

Sometimes, your credit information can get mixed up due to name changes like getting married or other reasons. It can also happen if you switch your driver’s license number when moving between states. Some of these mix-ups are just mistakes.

In some cases, we can completely fix the mix-up. In others, we can help you combine all your credit information into one accurate credit score. This makes you look more reliable to potential lenders. It’s crucial to make sure your loan application goes smoothly without any problems.

Your credit report also shows how you’ve handled your credit cards and other loans, like personal loans and home loans. It reveals if you’ve been on top of making your minimum payments as scheduled. This information is crucial because it helps new lenders understand your financial behavior and how you’re likely to manage new debt. It also indicates if there have been any problems with your previous accounts. Essentially, it’s a history of your past loan payments, especially if you paid at least the minimum amount on time.

If you’ve missed any loan payments, that will be recorded as negative information. This information stays on your credit report for 24 months.

What Our Client's Say.

Get Back On Your Feet

Our initial consultations are free and confidential. We take the time to listen to your situation and with your input, we work through the various options available until we find the one that best suits your particular circumstances. If we can’t help, we will most definitely refer you on to another professional who can.

We Can Help.

We have significant experience in working with clients from vulnerable backgrounds such as mental health; family violence (coercive control and financial abuse); elder abuse and First Nations People. There are often incidences arising from such cases where a client is not liable for a debt and we carefully and supportively work through those issues on a case-by-case basis, as everyone’s circumstances are different.

Our Senior Case Managers also have a background in mental health, and as such, are experienced in working through these sensitive issues. Simple Debt Solutions also has relationships with other professional services that we can refer to when needed, such as community mental health teams and women’s refuges.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Your credit report is a record of your credit history. It includes things like your personal details, your credit score or rating, and your repayment history on loans and debts and applications for finance that you have made. In Australia, this report can be produced by any of the three reporting agencies using information supplied by your credit providers and also from other sources.

    Your credit score is calculated on the information contained in your credit report.The reporting bodies look at things such as your repayment history, your debts and how many loans you have applied for to calculate this score. Generally, the higher the credit score, the better, because it indicates you have a good borrowing track record and you are therefore a lower credit risk. So if you fall behind on your payments, this will be recorded on your credit report and naturally lower your credit score. Lenders use your credit information and credit score to determine if they will lend you money or not, and sometimes, at what interest rate too.

    Simple Debt Solutions can review your credit report to see if the information is accurate and then put in place a plan to remove any incorrect or unlawful negative reporting, defaults and court judgements.

    Once your credit report has been repaired, you are likely to:

    • See your credit score increase
    • Be approved for finance
    • Achieve better interest rates on your lending
    • Be back on the road to financial independence!
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